Work methodology

EUROFRONT, a regional cooperation programme for the accompaniment of public policies, is aligned with the priorities agreed by the international community and implements these through the following principles of action:

A demand-orientated approach

EUROFRONT contributes to and supports the political agenda of each partner country, aligning and directing its action to medium and long-term strategic priorities. It favours the formulation and/or change in these policies considering the expected national impact, as well as its possible influence on the regional and international agenda.

Result orientation

The EUROFRONT Programme offers a management strategy that is clearly oriented towards both quality and efficiency in achieving specific objectives and in obtaining results of great scope, impact and sustainability.

Regional dimension

EUROFRONT develops its action with partner countries in a national dimension while paying special attention to the promotion of the regional dimension, facilitating collective work between countries, the production of common tools and work in alliances and supranational networks.


For the Programme, the identification and establishment of synergies with other ongoing initiatives, especially regional programmes of the European Union, represent a fundamental pillar in the process of optimising resources.


Programme actions are orientated towards four essential dimensions in border management, namely border control, intra-service coordination, inter-agency cooperation and coordination and international cooperation.

Transversal aspects

EUROFRONT will promote the inclusion of transversal axes in the conceptualisation of the global development process – the dissemination of values such as a civil society culture that supports the application of the law and the promotion of human rights and effective incorporation of the gender equality perspective in the design of their activities.